After an exciting two weeks of teaching on Maui last year in November, IXALT will be back THIS MONTH teaching at Living Way Church and the ShaktiRize Women's retreat on Maui in Wailuku. We are so excited and cant' wait to share our adventures with you. Stay tuned!
Integrated Body Rhythm & Motion is a synthesis of dance movements deriving from Africa, the Caribbean, The Americas, and the Pacific. You will learn how to move to different sounds & music; hear and internalize rhythm; experience movements from other cultures in a non-traditional dance class; tap into your natural inner rhythm; and simply move your body with enhanced coordination and flexibility. Bring a towel, bottled water, and supportive foot wear. Wrap skirts (lappa or pare'u) are optional.
About Us

IXALT, founded in 2003, is dedicated to 'sharing the arts, sharing The Gospel', through Dance, Music, Song, and Spoken Word. Simply put, we love the arts and we love God!  Our presentations, performances, and events, feature an array of music and dance styles from various cultures and places from around the world. Our goal is to share The Love, Hope, Light, and Life of God through meeting the needs of the artists by creating venues that are safe and wholesome where they can flourish for all to experience and enjoy.  IXALT has presented and hosted numerous events in venues throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Some include: Union Square Park, SF, Oakland's Art and Soul Festival, Kodak Theater, Hollywood, Ca, Oakland Art Museum, and Dance Mission Theater. For five years IXALT produced and presented: Enchanted Afternoons, a two day open air concert featuring musicians, dancers, and theatrical performers throughout Northern California, and Dance Jam, an all day dance event featuring dance classes of various genres and traditions to highlight the cultures and communities they stem from. IXALT also served the sectarian community in providing and offering classes, workshops, seminars, and presentations to develop and enhance dance and music ministries in many churches and Christian themed events.
IXALT has been featured in newsarticles such as:
The Richmond Globe as Artist of the Month in January 2005
The Oakland Tribune, April, 2007
In Dance, December 2007
And has appeared on 1190 The Light, Bay Area's premiere Gospel music radio station and received the Legends of Dance Award at the Christian Ministering Arts Convention in Florida.
IXALT is proud to have been able to inspire a movement of doing art with integrity here in the Bay Area and to promote a network of like minded individuals in order to spawn a new generation of performing artists who continue to do the same in this present day and culture. To God Be the Glory!
IXALT is a proud member of Intersection for the Arts

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