Integrated Body Rhythm & Motion is a synthesis of dance movements deriving from Africa, the Caribbean, The Americas, and the Pacific. You will learn how to move to different sounds & music; hear and internalize rhythm; experience movements from other cultures in a non-traditional dance class; tap into your natural inner rhythm; and simply move your body with enhanced coordination and flexibility. Bring a towel, bottled water, and supportive foot wear. Wrap skirts (lappa or pare'u) are optional.
Integrated Body Rhythm & Movement is new dance class that will be taught by Shereel Washington on Saturday, March 11, 2017 3-4:30 pm at Soja Mind Body, 368 24th St, Oakland, CA 94612. First class FREE.

IXALT presents E Ho`oma`a- an all day hula workshop

Thursday, May 30, 2013 • • General
This year IXALT is pleased to present it's very first hula workshop. We are so delighted and EXCITED to be offering this. This all day workshop is open to all levels of dancers. For more detailed information click on the Upcoming Events link. Registration begins now, but hurry while there's space!

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Hula Workshop

Hello Rubi, yes there's still room. Come on down. Walk-In Registration is open.

Hula workshop this Sat

Aloha, hoping there is still room as I would like to attend tomorrow.
If possible, can you send me a confirmation by tomorrow early am as I plan on leaving from Fremont @ 8:30am.
Rubi Myrick

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