After an exciting two weeks of teaching on Maui last year in November, IXALT will be back THIS MONTH teaching at Living Way Church and the ShaktiRize Women's retreat on Maui in Wailuku. We are so excited and cant' wait to share our adventures with you. Stay tuned!
Integrated Body Rhythm & Motion is a synthesis of dance movements deriving from Africa, the Caribbean, The Americas, and the Pacific. You will learn how to move to different sounds & music; hear and internalize rhythm; experience movements from other cultures in a non-traditional dance class; tap into your natural inner rhythm; and simply move your body with enhanced coordination and flexibility. Bring a towel, bottled water, and supportive foot wear. Wrap skirts (lappa or pare'u) are optional.

IXALT presents Dance Jam

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 • • General
Dance Jam is an all day event highlighting a variety of dance styles/genres taught by professional dance artists in the Bay Area. The goal of Dance Jam is to promote diversity and cultivate a deeper appreciation of various dance forms and expressions. IXALT is pleased to host another Dance Jam in honor of Bay Area Dance Week (April 26-May 5, 2013)

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